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Our Application Process.


Stage 1: Written

1. Tell us about your background and your motivations to pursue a legal career. Applications for our next cohort will open on 20th September HERE.

  • Click opportunities and find CSH.

  • Ensure both screening questions are answered.

  • Ensure you upload an up-to-date 2-page CV on your SEO London Candidate Portal.




Stage 2: Video Interview

Rolling Basis


2. Successful candidates will be invited to a video interview. This will examine motivations to be a CSH candidate and a lawyer, as well as knowledge of the industry/commercial awareness.


Stage 3: Outcome

3. Following interview, candidates will receive an outcome within a week.

Successful candidates will be promptly welcomed to an induction and a horizontal networking session -
kick-starting their legal career!

Screenshot 2021-11-15 223137.png

Eligibility Criteria.

Applications are open for candidates in their first-year (of a three-year degree) or candidates in their second-year (of a four-year degree).

Applicants must have attended non-fee paying schools will also need to prove one or more of the following:


  • Are the first to go to university in your immediate family.

  • Are a care leaver

  • Received Free School Meals in the UK and/or any other financial assistance.

  • Are a parent or carer.

  • Are from a socially mobile/working class background.

Students on Pathways to Law Plus are not eligible for the CSH Programme.

Please contact if you wish to discuss this further or have any other social mobility factors.

Hear from our candidates

"Why did you join CSH?"

Screenshot 2021-12-03 125250.png

Matthew Nixon

"The path to starting a career in commercial law is one that requires excellence at many different stages of the process. From tailoring applications to performing well at an assessment centre, a lot of insider knowledge and practice is needed to present your very best self in the application process. I joined the City Solicitors Horizons Programme to provide me with the training and skills needed to make the best application I can."

Screenshot 2021-12-03 125502.png

Aoibhin Spriggs

"I was excited by the opportunities it could provide for someone like me, with no connections to the legal sector. I was interested in the potential to develop my commercial awareness in a proactive way and in collaboration with my peers through the newsletters, and broaden my network of like minded individuals. The mentoring scheme also invaluable, and I look forward to being guided by someone with a real insight into commercial law generally, and who can provide me with a real sense of what a particular firm is like. The work experience programme was also a particularly exciting prospect, as it affords the opportunity to gain insight and experience which I would not otherwise have."

Screenshot 2021-12-03 125556.png

Himani Patel

"I joined the CSH programme to grow my confidence in commercial settings and be supported by those who have successfully navigated the training contract process. I also wanted to get the chance to build strong relationships with students, trainees and lawyers who have come from a similar background to mine."

"How has your CSH experience been so far?"


Jessica Balaam-Smith, CSH 2020-2023 Cohort

"One of the best things about being on the CSH programme has been the ability to see people from the same background as me - whether this be within our cohort,  within the alumni network or in the sponsor firms, it adds to my drive to one day be in a position to give back to CSH as an alumni working within a law firm."

Read about Jessica's recent work experience placement with her sponsor firm, Macfarlanes by clicking here.

Henry (1).png

Henry Connors, CSH 2020-2023 Cohort


"City Solicitors Horizons has provided inspiration, guidance, and support of the highest possible calibre. It has been instrumental in my growth on both a professional and personal level, and, above all, it has imbued me with confidence I never thought I could possess."

max king.png

Maxmus King, CSH 2019-2022 Cohort


"The CSH programme has been instrumental in growing my confidence and commercial awareness. I have received first class mentoring and started building relationships with the top law firms in the City."

Screenshot 2021-11-15 223137.png

Want to learn more?

Sounds good? Press the button below to learn more about the programme.

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