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LGBT+ Resources

As a charity working with young people, we recognise some of our candidates are more vulnerable than others. We also appreciate the pandemic has a greater impact on those of us who face additional challenges on a personal and communal level.

SEO London is extremely proud of all the diverse and brilliant youths we serve regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Therefore, we are committed to supporting our LGBT+ candidates in overcoming these challenges and to minimise the barriers they pose, particularly to their education and employment. We believe everyone deserves the chance to be who they are and who they truly want to be.

If you are an LGBT+ individual in need of assistance, please refer to the list of signposting services or talk to one of our staff members for additional support. We are here to help!


Black Girl Dangerous

A creative writing space for black queer / trans individuals.


A mental health support community.


An LGBT+ helpline:

0300 330 0630


A website to meet new people with similar interests.


A London based suicide support service.


A queer Muslim charity.

Metro Charity

An equality and diversity youth charity (LGBT+ services included).

Childline Sexuality Message Board 

A message board for young people to support one another regarding sexuality.

The Proud Trust 

A charity supporting LGBT+ youth.

University College London (UCL)

Kings College London

LGBT+ Network  

LGBT+ Society. Events can be found here:  

LGBT Staff Network  

Queen Mary University of London

LGBT+ Society, including link to Instagram  

List of LGBT+ support services from advice and counselling service:  

University of Strathclyde

University of Leeds

University of York

LGBTQ Social Society:  

LGBTQ Student Union Officers: 

York LGBTQ History Month:  

Durham University

Newcastle University

LGBTQ Society:  

LGBTQ+ Student Union Officer:  

University of Edinburgh

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